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SocialTable helps businesses and organizations keep employees connected. Many organizations have adapted well to remote work, yet remote work constricts our connection with colleagues on an interpersonal level and reduces valuable hallway and water cooler style interaction and introductions. Sometimes, we forget that on the other end of the zoom call is a person, with a life outside the meetings. That’s where SocialTable comes in. We help you [re]connect with your colleagues over interests and refreshments, even if you’re thousands of miles apart. 

SocialTable’s mission is to help teams stay connected and enhance interaction skills. Through our platform, you can book an event for your team, company or even your customers. We create a space where you can reconnect with colleagues in a way that feels beyond the screen, around business or topical challenges and achievements and also topics of interest outside the office. This is a chance to quite literally ‘wine-down’ with each other. To talk about issues and learn from each other over drinks (just like we would in person), and to celebrate the wins as a team (just like we used to!).

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SocialTable For Associations

SocialTable helps associations of all sizes keep members engaged and drive new members to the organization. The question is how do you engage members and provide sustaining value, when members may not have personal contact with the organization and with each other. Your content may be excellent, yet sometimes content isn’t enough. Especially when they’re used to learning from and engaging with their peers. 

This is where SocialTable’s true value can be experienced. We help you engage members or stakeholders through interactive get-togethers that include education from sponsors and suppliers as well as your excellent content. This means that you can work with sponsors who want to promote discussions with members through topic-based conversations.

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SocialTable For Universities

One of the greatest challenges moving a university or education program online is for students to network, an important precursor to peer mentoring, learning and to creating experiences that lead to lifelong engagement with the institution. Usually, they’d have classes together, or be able to meet each other through social gatherings. In remote settings, though, self-directed learning becomes dominant with less interaction between students. No more hallway or on-campus meetings to meet new people or maintain connections with friends and classroom acquaintances or faculty.

 This is where SocialTable can help. SocialTable’s networking platform helps your students connect with each other over refreshments (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with facilitated interaction, break-out rooms, selected topics and in some cases, guided tasting. The quality of connections made will surprise you, and they may lead to surprising and gratifying places.

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SocialTable For Conferences

Moving a conference online has been tough. Especially when conferences have been forced to rethink their whole strategy around attendees as well as sponsorships from vendors. For attendees, virtual conferences have been missing key elements. Mainly that of those serendipitous connections that one creates over conference drinks and meetings in the aisles or lobbies. Or over those coffees in the morning. Where you go up to someone, and start chatting. Next minute, you’ve been talking for hours gaining insights into how to solve problems in your own business, and giving advice on the ways you’ve dealt with issues. 

These discussions have not transferred well to online conference platforms. Until now – SocialTable helps you recreate conference drinks from the safety and comfort of your own home, all while helping you stay safe. Even better, conference organizers can work with vendors and sponsors to lead discussion topics with attendees so that attendees can openly discuss challenges they face within their own organizations. 

We connect attendees with each other, just as they might connect in person, so that the networking expected at in-person conferences is recaptured when a conference becomes virtual.

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