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Digital Wine-Down™ – FREE SHIPPING

A wine tasting experience paired with networking from the comfort of your home.
You will receive your wines prior to the event. The Wine Maker will walk you through a VIP Tasting Experience where you can enjoy the wines whilst networking in small groups. The event takes place over zoom on your selected date.

Winery: Albert Kallfelz from Zell-Merl at the Mosel in Germany

This winery has produced high quality wines for over 100 years. The grape-vines grow on slate steep slopes with some of the high mineral loads in the world. The perfect symbiosis of soils, climate, the Riesling grape and a lot of careful labour has resulted in unique Rieslings which have a very intense mineral flavour, whilst being light, refreshing and fruity.

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Tuesday 10th November Wine Tasting Includes:

2019er    KALLFELZ Weißburgunder „S“   0,75 l (Powerful Premium- Weißburgunder. Fully rounded with intensive slate minerals).
2019er    KALLFELZ Riesling Merler Stephansberg  dry 0,75 l  (Intense scent of yellow fruits, mineral and spicy taste).
2019er    KALLFELZ Riesling    Merler Adler   fine herb  0,75 l  (Yellow fruity, elegant and at the same time refined. Animating Riesling).

Thursday 12th November Wine Tasting Includes:

2019er    KALLFELZ Rivaner  GUTSWEIN Dry  0,75 l (Sparkling and refreshing with fine fruity aromas and mineral elegance).
2019er    KALLFELZ Riesling Merler Königslay-Terrassen  dry 0,75 l (Full-bodied, powerful, yet elegant and animating).
2018er    KALLFELZ Rotwein „Maximilian K.“  dry  0,75 l  (A full-bodied and harmonious red wine. Strong and soft on the palate).

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TUE 10 NOV – 6:00pm CET, THU 12 NOV – 7:30pm CET


***Includes Free Shipping


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