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Connecting people over virtual and in-person experiences, across the globe

SocialTable is the solution for your Member or Employee Engagement At Your Association or Company

Since COVID-19, the days of large in-person meetings, where people from all over the country come together to meet and mingle, have become a thing of the past. Truth is – how are you supposed to network when there’s no drinks, or in person opportunities. That’s where SocialTable is here to help!

Welcome to 

SocialTable’s Digital Wine-Down™.

SocialTable helps your members or employees meet and mingle, talk business and continue innovating all from the comfort of their own home. We’ve partnered with wineries, distilleries and breweries all around the global to bring exclusive tasting experiences, led by the producer themselves. Attendees simply sign up to attend one of the virtual networking events exclusive to your organisation, and meet other members or collegues over ‘virtual networking drinks’.

The Digital Wine-Down™ is facilitated by SocialTable to foster the creation of more meaningful connections.

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