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Hey There…Thanks For Stopping By…

I’m Ben (The Founder of SocialTable)

Let’s be real for a minute… meeting new people in ‘real life’ isn’t always easy.

Despite the fact that we’re more digitally connected and technologically advanced than ever before, it’s somehow getting harder to meet new people. For all the apps and websites designed to connect us, it seems were only becoming more disconnected.

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The SocialTable concept was born...

after looking for ways to ‘scratch my own itch’, (so to speak), and start meeting new people. Most of my friends were settling down and having kids, and while I was (and am!) really happy about that, it’s meant the list of people I could call up to hang out on a whim had dwindled significantly.

I figured that, if I was looking to meet new people, there must be lots of others in the same boat - people who want to meet new people in the offline world and start making genuine connections again.

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Turns out, there are...

What started as an idea quickly grew into an underground favourite, with group dinners held every week in epic restaurants across Sydney and Melbourne. Our events are intentionally curated to connect people from all walks of life in a fun, chilled out and totally- not-awkward environment.

People come to our events for lots of reasons. Some want to make new friends, while others want a low-pressure dating option or a fun networking opportunity. Then there’s people visiting from out of town, or new to the city and looking to build a community.

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At our tables, people share, learn, laugh out loud,

and sometimes, have life-changing
encounters that change everything.

If you want to come along to dinner, there’s a seat at the table with your name on it - all you have to do is book.

See you there,


Check Out OUr Video…

Ever wondered what a SocialTable event is like? Watch this video and find out!


Read Some Reviews…

"Mega foodie but my social circle have all decided to make babies or become boring home owners& settles! I’m still up for new adventures and meeting new people along with fabulous food so this ticks all those boxes." — Jess

"The food was amazing, the wines were beautifully paired and explained, and the service was incredible. The host was attentive and fun, and really wanted us to have a great time. Please pass on our thanks!" Sebastian

“The headache, the hangover and the late arrival to my meeting was truly worth it!”Sarah

“Love! Love! Love this concept and I’ve already referred friends. I think the email introducing everyone is perfect, it made me relax a little.” Steven


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