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Welcome to SocialTable - SocialTable

We don’t just host online experiences…


SocialTable—virtual networking worth getting excited about.

Why can’t networking sessions be hilarious, serendipitous, invigorating, and even, life changing?

With SocialTable, they can.

We elevate your average online happy hour into experiences that impact your personal and professional lives. SocialTable’s events have led to: collaboration between Harvard University and the Development Bank of APAC, enhancing reproductive rights in Ghana, two weddings, and a baby. And we’re just getting started.

Our Digital Wine-Down™ events combine the magic of structured networking with an expert-led wine-tasting experience. Our world-class conversations are further enhanced by world-class wines from our growing collection of winery partners.

SocialTable for Conferences

Since the pandemic began, 63% of conferences have gone online. While virtual events create opportunities to scale, they lose the magic found in hallway conversations and at happy hours. The shift to virtual is jeopardizing the reputation of conferences as being a place to engage with key industry players. SocialTable fosters those important connections.

SocialTable for Virtual Networking

In a world where in-person meetups, getaways, and off-sites aren’t feasible, gathering employees or communities can feel a bit lackluster. Stress levels are high, yet there are so few tools to help prevent burnout among your people. A luxurious evening of virtual wine-tasting and inspiring conversation with SocialTable might be just the ticket.

Bridget Conway-Taylor enjoyed her experience with SocialTable online networking

I joined a Wine-Down™ to meet fellow entrepreneurs during COVID lockdown. It not only exceeded my expectations but I ALSO landed an amazing new client and was invited to join the Australian government’s international business program as a startup mentor.

Bridget – Global Strategy & Operations Consultant

Hosted by SocialTable

The premier VIRTUAL networking platform

Connecting people and delivering joy ― no matter the distance.

Join inspiring conversations


Build deeper relationships


Discover world-class wines


Mix business with pleasure


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Not many know I have three passports, but have only been to one country!

I once got a job in Africa because of Madonna, not because I'm a back-up dancer, but because I'm a diplomat.

I once climbed Mont Blanc with only two weeks of training for a dare!


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